Saturday 29 November 2014

The Return To The Lord Of The Rings.

This week we had to go to Preston so that my wife could get her mobile phone repaired - a protracted  sad story worthy of a Icelandic Saga in itself . We had to go to Preston because that's the nearest place were they could fix the phone (sigh!) , to make matters worse she also announce that she would be doing Christmas shopping (sigh!) . Trying to salvage something from this debacle  I decided to go to the museum and then to Waterstones bookshop and then looked in at  Games Workshop , I always approach a GW shop with caution and a little furtiveness (perhaps like visiting a sex shop - so I'm told !!!) and seeing there was no one in the shop actually went in ! . Now normally the assistants try to hard to engage the customer (the average customer only being a quarter of my age) but this time the chap seemed quite refreshingly normal and we had a chat about the forthcoming Hobbit film . The upshot of this was I actually looked around the shop and even bought a couple of packets of plastic figures . (note rather paint scarred table - used before I had a paint table - and was married - when that sort of thing was more acceptable)

So this morning I started gluing them up , having had to buy a new tube of glue - the old one being gummed up beyond redemption . First I did the 'Easterlings' , I've always liked these figures and have about 10 of the original metal figures that came out years ago  , their red and gold colour scheme is a nice change to all those rather grubby Orcs . They went together very easily and I'm looking forward to painting for them .

The next thing was an Ent , this took a bit more putting together - and a bit more bad language - the dog retreated to his bed thinking he was to blame (not this time !) . You can adjust the arms and legs but this proved a bit of a problem as they kept dropping out of their sockets , however I persisted and the finished model is impressive , it comes with a choice of heads and arms and will be interesting to paint up , so next time I take the dog for a walk I'm going to take some photos of trees to try and get the colours right. 


  1. Brave man, entering a GW store. It just shows if the assistants leave one alone more, then one spends more money. Great ent model, he would paint up well as a beech tree with either fresh green leaves or autumn brown? I mean to get some of the Laketown men from GW, I really like the Russian armour they have.

    1. Yes I saw those - never got into the Hobbit figures - have so much of the LOTRs stuff to finish off - and their 'Finecast' scares me a bit !