Wednesday 19 November 2014

The Grand Plan For Next Year.

The author muses on next years gaming outside his ancestral pile. About this time of year I always start to reflect on the years gaming and start planning the next years projects . With the large amount of unpainted metal Napoleonic figures in stock the main task is to get some more painted up . Now I'm happy using 'Black Powder' with them I should be playing more games and this will encourage me to paint more figures . The successful start to my Garibaldi project (again using Black Powder) means that I will be expanding with the other combatant forces in Italy in 1859/60 probably with the Papal army then moving on to the Piedmontese . I do find that if I successfully play games with a collection this spurs me on to paint more and after the great 10mm AWI  game we had in Reading I will be painting up more of them . I also have a few 'Bolt Action' WW2  figures to finish off which hopefully will get done this year . The one thing I do mean to do is not to play any new rule sets - as I get older I find I can't be bothered to learn them (or remember them) . The one exception to this may be purchasing a copy of the 'Black Powder' variant 'Pike & Shotte' as this is so similar to the existing rules learning them should not be a problem and as I have painted 15mm ECW armies already I will be able to get straight on and play some games. I will also be continuing with my homecast 40mm SYWish as and when I have the casting metal to hand. Well it will be interesting to see how much of this gets done and if I am able to keep to the straight and narrow . 


  1. Good planning...will we be seeing any posts for "My rural Rides"? Always enjoy seeing the lands of my forefathers in your pictures on that blog.

    1. Sadly I've not posted on my other blog for ages - must start again , Tony