Monday 10 November 2014

Shiney Napoleonic's and the Corner of Shame .

The other day I got locked out of my wargaming room ( not my wife doing a sit in over the amount of toy soldiers ), I could only get the door open about a foot (not enough for me to squeeze through !) and so I had to resort to lying down and feeling around the door to find what had jammed it - the culprit being the boxes of unpainted lead that reside under my table in the 'corner of shame' ( a phrase coined by wargaming colleague 'A' I believe?) they had slid down under their own weight and due to my bad stacking ! . Whilst reaching round the door trying to move things out of the way the cat joined me thinking this was a game I had devised to entertain him . When I managed to get in I started to try and sort things out and was shocked by the amount of Foundry Napoleonic's I have amassed , they were bought in a few years ago when they did some great deals and there has been the odd purchase off eBay - 'that was to good to miss !'.

This set my thinking I should get some more painted , Napoleonic's are not the easiest to paint and I've had problems with finding a rule set I like . Now I have been converted to 'Black Powder' ('A' takes the credit for this) this would be the time to lessen the lead mountain . My original concept for my Napoleonic was to be a Old School project so everything is high gloss and mounted on pennies , now in 'Warbase' sabots . 

This Napoleonic expansion is to be part of my master plan for next year (more of this anon) . To start off with I've got this French Infantry Battalion done - they are in campaign uniforms so this made them easier to paint and have been give a coat of yacht varnish to finish them off .

Trying to photo 36 figures in line is a bit of a problem !. My next unit will be a Austrian unit I think . I think most gamers have a 'corner of shame ' in one form or the other as it's easier to buy figures than it is to paint them !. I was once told that all an alcoholic needs is a acquaintance who drinks more than he does - so he can say "I'm not as bad as him !" - well when it comes to unpainted figures I can say " well I'm not as bad as 'A' ! ".

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  1. Yum shiny Napoleonics. Don't know about a corner of about a room of shame :-(