Sunday 23 November 2014

An Optical Aid For Gaming.

Whilst at the Warfare show last weekend I noticed a display game using periscopes to view the action , on enquiring were they got them I was directed to the 'Curstsey Miniatures' stand . I was so take with the idea I bought one . 

The French General's view of the enemy - not a good photo - my camera didn't like being poked into the periscope .

The Prussian's point of view - again not a good photo . Think this device will be of great use especially in WW2 battles to see who can see who . The idea of a periscope (or should it be a reversed periscope ?) is not new, I think Don Featherstone mentions his colleague Lionel Tarr using one for his WW2 games back in the 60's , but it is the first time I've seen one commercially made for sale .


  1. Not the Lionel Tarr Periscope - nice device, in theory. I remember this with something of a pang - i made one out of balsa wood circa 1971, painted inside and out with blackboard paint, and my cousin sat on it first time we used it.

    Don't put it down on a chair during a game...

  2. I like the idea very much with this periscope - it gives a battle or a scene some good visual effects. Also the photography is not bad. I will try that for our battles!