Thursday 21 August 2014


Originally posted on the 14/10/12

When I  sat down to look at the photo I took a couple of weeks ago I thought something did not look right.
After some thought it struck me that the figures were to spaced out !, they are mounted on 30mm X 30mm bases which I happened to have lying about (think I use them for my 54mm FLW  figures) and when they are fielded in individual companies of 12 rank and file it is not as noticeable , however on mass they seem a bit spread out (incidentally when I  mentioned this to 'A' he had seen the photo and come to the same conclusion) . Having played a couple of games this problem became more evident as well , so I  have decided to rebase them . I have decided on 20mm X 30mm, these have been ordered from Warbases and being delivered very quickly I have started the task of rebasing . The figures are easily removed from the existing bases with a sharp knife and have been glued onto new ones and await painting and a coat of varnish , I will publish photos when this is done .

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