Tuesday 26 August 2014

French Regiment Orleans - First Battle .

Having caught the Allied force spread out (I diced for units arrival and point of entry) the Regiment Orleans move forward bravely (I counted them as poor troops - as it was their first battle).

Scheither's Frei Korps Jaegers took cover in the wooded hillside.

They open fire at long range and cause few casualties. The rest of the Allied force move onto the table , A squadron of Light Cavalry , a company of Grenadiers and a gun - all from Scheither's Frei Korps . I rolled three '2s' and all the reinforcements arrived at the same point on the table.

The view from the Allied ranks . The Allies were rated as Regulars , I was using 'Battles of the Ancient Regime' to play this game , units are activated using a pack of cards - Red for the Allies , Black for the French.

The Regiment Orleans opens fire ! - throughout this game they were lucky with their dice rolls , they caused heavy casualties on the Jaegers who failed their moral test and fled ! .

Luck swung the other way in the cavalry melee, the Allied Carbineers  charged and routed the Veteran French Hussars and pursued them - scattering them off the table .

The French Chasseurs De Sombreuil advance onto the table - and taking their time about it , it took 4 dice throws/ moves to get them on !.

The Allied troops try to swing around to confront the the French . The Allied Commander has been dealt a Joker card which can be played at any time to preempt the enemy move/ firing .

Both sides take casualties , but the Allied cavalry were taking their time to rally and taking casualties from the French Chasseurs in the woods , so the Allied Commander decided that disgression was the better part of valour and signalled a retreat . The Regiment Orleans had won its first victory - think it could be a 'lucky' unit.

I think our cat 'Tilly' (short for Matilda - not the 30 years war chap !) should have the last word !.



  1. What a great game. Regt. Orleans performed well and look very smart.

  2. Super small encounter; the new regiment performed well

  3. A fine battle - I love to see sceneries with 40mm figures! Regiment Orléans looks well, but my favorites are the blue hussars - even if they are fleeing in the skirmish.
    Thanks for that report - I hope to see more soon!!