Thursday 21 August 2014

French SYW Heavy Cavalry.

Originally posted on the 11/11/12  , I am recopying my original postings on my SYW 40mm armies from my old blog which I am unable to post on due to the changes to Blooger , so that they are not lost to posterity. This will be a longish  project as there are over 90 odd posts and will be done at intervals over the next year or so , I thank you all for your indulgences - Cheers Tony.

Decided it was time to tackle some more cavalry for the French.

The vast majority of French cavalry wore grey coats so I decided on something different, the regiment Nassau-Sarrebruck a German unit in French service.

This is the first of two Squadrons that I will be casting up.

They are rushing to join battle with their varnish still a bit tacky !

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