Saturday 2 August 2014

Comte Du Fru-Fru's Coach the final touches

Voltaire bids farewell to the Comte as he sets of to rejoin his command in his new coach . ( Voltaire is secretly miffed because he has not been invited to have a ride in it ) . The model coach comes with a seated passenger figure which I have converted into a Comte lookalike .

As a further embellishment I have added a couple of Footmen to the rear of the coach , these are a couple of gunner figures that seemed suitable .

Another view of the Footmen which are from a Prince August mold , they are wearing the Comte's livery colours .

And so the Comte Du Fru-Fru sets off for further adventures resplendent in his fine new coach .


  1. Great coach and adventures ahead I'm sure...

  2. That's a lovely model. I've added one to my shopping list. You have chosen a very attractive colour scheme and the addition of the footmen really makes it complete. Looking forward to some adventures with the Comte's new coach.

  3. Lovely coach, like the footmen