Friday 22 August 2014

French Regiment Orleans .

Having finally got the regiment finished it seemed appropriate for the Comte Du Fru-Fru to review them as they march off to joint the main French army.

Suddenly the parade is interrupted by the arrival of a dispatch rider with alarming news that Allied foragers had been sighted despoiling the nearby villages . (click on photos to enlarge them)

Quickly the Comte orders the regiment to march and attack the Allied force .

With an escort of Hussars the Comte dashes to the scene of the action in his new coach .

A rather poor rendition of a sketch made by the Montgolfier brothers from their hot air balloon of the scene of the action . The Regt. Orleans can be seen marching on in the upper left corner and the Hussars moving down the road on the lower left. The Allied force is somewhat scattered and has not yet entered the board . Too be continued.......


  1. Superb stuff. Looking good. Charge rules ?

    1. Will be using 'Battles of the Ancient Regime' (BAR) - sort of 'Charge' meets 'The Wargame' rules

  2. Excellent, the coach looks great with it's escort of hussars.... if only Price August did a WSS range of moulds as well.

  3. Like the new regiment, coach super too. Interesting scenario brewing ....

  4. Such a beautiful unit! I am glad to see good old Prince August figures!!