Sunday 14 April 2024

Work in Progress.


Slowly getting back to normal after our holidays , not much gaming going on as the garden has turned into a jungle in our absence and there are other small but annoying tasks about the home to do . Have started on the above wagon for my Lion Rampant WOTR's project. It is from the Perrys , very nice but being metal very fiddly to put together , luckily the canvas canopy is made from resin so it cuts the weight down a bit . I drilled through the MDF base and into the bottom of the wagon and inserted and glued a long pin to help fix it to the base securely (hopefully) . Got the wagon and horses painted but need to finish off the bases and paint the foot figure. It's main role in the games will be as a objective marker for either side to defend / capture, I'm NOT going to do all the complecated traces etc from the wagon to the horses as this will be used in the rough and tumble on the tabletop. I've just noticed I've put the horse bases in the wrong order for the picture the ridden horse goes nearest the wagon . Hopefully I will get this model finished and onto the tabletop for a game this week.


  1. A nice looking model indeed.

  2. Lovely little model, will work really well on the table.

  3. A wonderful model Tony, and your painting really brings it to life! It will be an excellent addition to your table!

  4. That's a very nice model, I'd be tempted to do the traces, etc. but I see you're mounting the horses separately so that's not an option.

    1. Yes I wanted to be able to seperate the horses from the wagon .