Wednesday 17 April 2024

Pimping my Artillery .


There was a posting on the Wofun Facebook group about adding 3D barrels to the Wofun MDF artillery which are avaiable from do various gun barrels for model ship models . Here we see the original madel and one of the new metal barrels.

I carefully removed the old barrels and glued into place the new ones . 

A comparison shot between the old and the new ones . I think they look much better , I was impressed that the barrels which seem to be made of a brass coloured metal where only about 80p each and may consider replacing more of my artillery barrels with them.


  1. Cool idea. Must say, it rounds out the look of them nicely (sorry, couldn't help it).

  2. Wow, big improvement Tony! They really look great and somehow much more lethal!!

  3. Well worth doing, they make a massive difference and the price is really very decent indeed, must check them out.

  4. I always use Cornwall models for my gun barrels.


    1. They are very reasonably priced I think, may order some more for my ECW armies.