Sunday 10 December 2023

Cleaned up nicely .


Fresh from the stripping process and smelling pungently of Dettol , my two Life Guards and the Davy Crockett type . The cavalry figures need quite a bit of work doing on them , one needs an arm casting to replace the missing one and the other needs a sword blade adding , both horses need tails adding as well - so quite a bit of work needs doing to them. I'm rather pleased with the other figure , thanks to Brad identifing him as a 'Lincoln Logs Pioneer'  , I knew nothing about this firm which seems to be a bit of an American institution - The Birth of Lincoln Logs | HISTORY , so I'm looking forward to painting him up as a bit of genuine Americana .


  1. Wow Tony, that Dettol really does a great job of stripping paint! I can't wait to see your final products!

  2. Excellent results, I am so surprised how well that dettol worked! I never tried it myself. I tried it with isopropyl alcohol and it was horrible I will never attempt it again. Maybe next time I will try your technique with dettol. They look great!! Well done!! Quinn

    1. Undiluted Dettol works well , but is a bit smelly in a clinical sort of way .