Sunday 1 October 2023

Mr and Mrs Walker take a holiday.


We've been on holiday staying near Beverly in East Yorkshire . The weather although blustery was mainly dry and we missed Storm Agnes . One of the walks we did was around the deserted Medieval village of Wharram Percy which was hit by the Black Death and finally deserted with the introduction of sheep farming .

The village church which is the only thing still standing nestles in one of the wolds or valleys , I last visited the site about 30 years ago when the archaeological digs on the village were still taking place.

We were accompanied by Mr and Mrs Walker , here seen viewing the church which was still in use in the 18th century.

Reg Walker was very enthusiastic to the see the church interior , Mrs Walker less so .

Some of the carved heads on the arches 

This one has seen better times.

I especially like this one of a woman in a wimple headdress(?)

A rather grim looking man on this one.There is probably a technical term for these types of carvings but I can't remember it.

The author and faithful hound in the Churchyard .

An artists impression of the village in it's heyday (circa1300).
Sadly apart from the church and a few grassy mounds nothing is visible now , but still a magical place I think.


  1. Fascinating story Tony and some beautiful scenery indeed! Excellent to see the Walkers out and about again!

  2. An interesting place that's for sure, a very enjoyable post about a place I never knew about.

  3. What an atmospheric interlude, particularly given the return after several decades. Always good to see the Walkers get out (and the company of a/the Faithful Hound certainly adds to any excursion, in my book).

    1. Yes it was nice seeing the site again , last time I visited the final excavations where taking place .