Tuesday 11 October 2022

Wings over the Andes.


For the air war in my games, I resorted to my battered copy of the above book. There is little published on this subject but Johns book is very good. There were many problems with using aircraft in war, the lack of finance which resulted in old out of date planes, a lack of trained pilots and the habit of ground troops opening fire on any aircraft they saw. W.E. Johns comments " as we flew over the battlefield both sides stopped fighting each other and started shooting at us". This habit seemed to almost be encouraged by the Officers who often resorted to firing their pistols at them irreverent of which side the aircraft belonged to or the fact they were completely out of range.

A convoy of Republican troops speed down the Salsa Valley unaware they are being observed from the sky by a Neuvo Rician aircraft.

Having made his observations, the plane returns to the Neuvo Ricaian airfield to report to the awaiting High Command. 



  1. Excellent photos Tony! This will add a new dimension to your game! How did you shoot photo #3? It really looks like the plane is flying! Very well done!

  2. I got rid of the base using photo shop

  3. Tony, a simple but nice looking model aircraft, very pre-WW2.