Sunday 23 October 2022

A Lady of fortune.

One of the byproducts of my re-boxing of my 54mm figures has been the resurfacing of some forgotten in the mists of time. This is a lady on a horse, riding side-saddle, I've given her a simple paint job, mounted the model on a base and just gloss varnished her. She will be the 'General's Mistress' one of the 'Cameo' cards used in 'A Gentleman's War' rules. Having got her ready, she will be appearing in the new game I'm setting up - as soon as her varnish dries.     



  1. The joys of rediscovering forgotten figures!! he will make a nce addition and I ma sure the general will be delighted!

    1. For the life in me I cannot remember buying her (wargaming Alsheimer's)

  2. The best kind of "find" Tony, a piece that you have completely forgotten about! She is lovely and will make a wonderful character for your future games!

  3. A nice new character for future games. Any ideas for her name?

  4. Well done, every general needs at least one mistress!

  5. Good to see you pressing on with your Projects - this is a very nice figure for sure.