Thursday, 29 September 2022

The Battle for Passo Montanha (part 2)

Almost immediately the Republican reinforcements arrived (lucky card drawn) they arrived transported by trucks - the Republic believes in modernisation.  The trucks are Matchbox Crossley Tenders bought off eBay, they were originally RAF ambulances repainted so that they can be used by either side.

The Light M/G section comes under heavy artillery fire but heroically they refuse to retreat and hold the position to the last man.

On the other flank the Nuevo Rician infantry push forward under heavy fire from the enemy Heavy M/G. (note notice they are disordered - moving through bad going hence the Llama marker)

The Republican reinforcements debus and move forward to control the right objective. (Trucks move 5 D6 whilst on roads) 

On the other side of the hill the Nuevo Ricians rush forward to to secure the ridge.

The Nuevo Rician infantry charge the Republican M/G but suffer heavy casualties and are thrown back in disorder.

The Neuvo Rico infantry take control of the village, but a spirited countercharge drives them out.

The Republic has secured two of the objectives by driving the enemy from the village and casualties are mounting for the Neuvo Rico forces.

The reinforcements clear the ridge and take the objectives again. The Neuvo Rico forces having been driven off and taken heavy casualties - the Commander calls off the attack. A victory for the Republica del los Cocos. The rules worked well - I do like 'A Gentleman's War' - they are easy to remember and the card turning to activate units is very suitable for solo play. The only changes I've made so far is the inclusion of trucks and Light Machine guns - they take two figures to fire and roll 4D6s counting as magazine rifles for factors and ranges - if they throw more 1s than 6s they run out of ammunition. I hope to get more games played in the future as the war develops .   








  1. Excellent battle and report Tony! I especially liked the trucks, they were a great complement to your forces! Very well done!

    1. Thank you, the trucks were slightly dearer than the MDF equivalent but then I didn't have to fiddle putting them together .

    2. The price comment is a bit of a surprise...I have bought a lot of Yesteryear vehicles for my RCW and Pulp collections and they are generally half the price (or less) than a genuine "wargaming model". They look like they work very well with 40mm figures too!

    3. Think they vary greatly according to the model .

  2. Trucks look like a very nice addition, game coming together nicely!

  3. Yes, just a quick repaint and a gloss varnish to look the part.

  4. Hello there Good Soldier Svjek,

    Wow! That looks absolutely lovely old chap and as I type this I can feel my resolved evaporating…. Luckily my central heating boiler has just died so I will not be tempted for a while as the imperial treasury is somewhat depleted….

    Just imagine if these had been released in plastic….

    All the best,