Tuesday 31 March 2020

On the painting tray .

The strange thing  is I've found that over the last week  I've been so busy with gardening and  domesticity  that I've got very little painting done. I have got various bits of basing done and cleaned up and glued various models but today was the first time I've actually sat down and painted anything. I wanted to expand my Mexican Cavalry for my Tex-Mex Sharp Practise games , so I'm in the process of painting up another 6 Dragoons . The problem is trying to match them up to the existing ones which were painted about 10 years ago - the new on the left , the existing one on the right . Of course my matt black spray can ran out as soon as I started trying to undercoat them so I had to finish them off by hand . I've always liked the Mexican army uniforms which contrast with the civilian dress of the Texians . 


  1. Yes- matching up the old and new can be a problem. I tend to keep a 'Painting List' of the various paints I've used for the verious parts of the figure being painted- comes in very handy when painting up newer batches of figures - it is a good reference.

  2. Great figures in splendid poses.

  3. I think the ones on the viewer's left need a bit more red. Splendid looking chaps though.