Wednesday 22 January 2020

Foriegn Intervention Force for 'AGW' .

About twelve months ago I purchased these 40mm figures off EBay and promptly forgot all about them . They have just resurfaced whilst I was tidying up beneath my wargaming table and I thought I'd have a better look at them . There are about thirty six of them and would make up three units under 'A Gentleman's War' , they could be the start of a French intervention force for my Imagination Balkans War .

A slightly better photo of the two types of figures they have a bit of paint on them but I'm going to spray over that and paint them up as French Chasseurs a Pied . Some of them are a bit bent as they are made from pure lead and will need mounting on coins to make them more stable . 


  1. Nice figures. Most probably from Schneider, judging by the shape of the bases?

  2. Thanks for the info , definitely homecast I would say .

  3. If they are 40mm they might be from an Airfix Westfalische rubber mold. These were reduced size copies of Schneider metal molds. Plasty had the molds and Airfix got them when it acquired Plasty. This original Schneider metal mold was #60. Schneider also made it in a larger size, mold #63.

    1. The are 'large' 40mm and semi-flat , I must admit I didn't know Airfix did moulds at one time .