Monday 4 March 2019

Necessity, The Mother Of Invention .

Last year I replaced my old hen house with this plastic one , this has worked very well the only problem being where to put their food containers . I did try putting them in the hut but they kept knocking them over , I erected a lean-to to put the food under to protect it from the rain but it was difficult to get into . We are going on holiday soon and our neighbour feeds the hens for us when we are away and I thought I will have to come up with a solution to allow this long suffering lady to feed them .

After much thought I hit upon the idea of using a flagstone as the base and bricks set on it on three sides and  a wooden roof made from the side of the old hut . I set the bricks out without mortaring them to try it out and it has worked well , so today being fine and the dog absent with my wife (he tries to help) I started to brick it up permanently with mortar .

The finished edifice with the food containers in place , the movable brick in front of them is to stop the birds knocking the seed everywhere and can be removed for cleaning . 

The finished feeding station (as I'm now grandly calling it !) with the roof placed on top . I've sited it away from the prevailing wind to protect it from the rain . Rather pleased with this job and hopefully so will my neighbour when she comes to feed them - the hens seem indifferent ! .


  1. A very clever solution - should work at treat!

  2. Chicken feed, indeed! In phase 2, perhaps some firng loops...

  3. Excellent post - I'm impressed that you seem to have invented the house - this could have a big future. When you say the lean-to was difficult to get into, did you mean for the hens or the humans?

    I realise that running your own hens is not entirely a financial consideration, but I live on a farm and I'm interested in these things - how does it work out, eggs + amusement vs cost + hassle?

    Respect to your neighbour for hen-sitting, by the way - that's the sort of neighbour we all wish we had.

    1. The lean -to was difficult for human entry , so had to think of something easier for my hen sitter . They keep us in eggs , never thought of the cost profit ratio - probably cheaper eggs at Asda - BUT ours are much better , so it's really only an fun/amusement thing and they eat any waste food and are very little trouble .

  4. "The chicken feed must flow!" It's a good thing that the Harkonens never thought of such an elegant solution.