Tuesday 1 December 2015

Desert Island Gaming .

Sad to say the RCW game didn't really work , this may be due to me rather than the rules . Still a bit under the weather with my 'man flu' , the conditions for dog walking are vile outside and I found the rules a bit bland . Hmm ! , I was tidying the scenery away and thought " I need comfy slipper wargaming!" , Soooo ..........

Back to my old favourite - 'The Sword And The Flame' Colonial rules. I've played the 'Desert Island Wargaming' game many times on long car journeys with 'A', 'S' and 'R'  - " if you were to be shipwrecked on a desert island which set of rules and two armies would you take with you ?". Mine is invariably TSATF and North West Frontier armies !.

So I set up a couple of forces and thought of a quick scenario , here we see the British command group Colonel 'Creepy' Crawley (mounted) and Captain Mc Donald of the Highlanders with Sgt. Major Scott who is directing the mules carrying the spare ammunition .

The Highlanders have a Maxim gun as well , the crew had to be converted from ordinary infantry by being given kilts . The pile of pennies represent the amount of ammo available .

A Company of Sikhs deploy in open order again with their ammo supply .

The Afghan tribesmen have deployed behind stone built sangars . (cat litter (unused) glued and painted onto a strip of wood) .

The Afghan Khan has a difference of opinion over the positioning of the artillery with the Russian adviser .

More Tribesmen move onto the table . I diced for the initial positioning of the units on the table . The figures are a mixture of Foundry and Old Glory .

An overview of the table , the British are nearest the camera and the Afghans on the other side of the table . The British must exit on the road opposite , the Afghans must stop them . The British outnumber the Afghans at the start of the game but they may have reinforcements on the way. Will report on the action as it takes place.


  1. Yup! Dependable Comfort gaming. Looks good!

  2. Like the Foundry & Old Glory figures - hope you kick the flu!

    1. They are some of my favorite figures, just a sniffle now really, Tony

  3. Excellent stuff - good to see a fellow on the North West Frontier. I notice you have the TSATF event decks. What do you think ? Would you recommend them? I considered them, but thought they were a bit gimmicky. I'd be interested in any thoughts you might have on them.

  4. I use them in every game adds uncertainity and chance. How much you use them can be tailored as you want. I give them 10 out of 10, Tony

  5. I like the pile of pennies under a marker to denote ammunition. I've never seen that before and shall steal it immediately.

  6. Got the idea from Don Featherstone's book, he used tiddlywinks, Tony