Tuesday 8 December 2015

Tidy, Tidy, Tidy.

My wife took the dog out for the afternoon so I decided to clean out the 'washhouse' . Our house being a 1940's ex council house, it was provided with an outside bricked 'washhouse ' this being the days before electric washing machines and everything had to be boiled and hand washed - sounds very Victorian now ! . It is now used for storing the lawn mower , tools etc. I also use a corner of it for my casting , being single bricked and concrete floored its a bit chilly during the winter months and its also the place to dump things we don't know what to do with - "Oh put it in the washhouse for now!" we say and after about 6 months you can't open the door for 'stuff'. So I set off on this Herculean task and the fist thing I did was accidentally knock all my moulds over onto the floor - the cat left at this point due to the language being used . So I reorganised my moulds and the casting area , now the more fastidious of you may not think it looks very tidy -BUT - you should of seen it before I started !. Half way through the cleansing process our neighbour called to ask if he could borrow my ladders (notice hooked onto the wall in photo) -I had to stop and get the ladder out- a process that resembled a 'Laurel and Hardy' routine. To celebrate this mammoth task I've cast up a couple of 40mm Uhlan figures which I'm going to turn into command figures for the recently finished unit and will post photos of them when done . 


  1. I'm looking at the picture and making notes in hopes of ever getting my casting bench in the "wood and other things" shed into such good order.

  2. The trouble is - how long will it remain like this !, Tony

  3. Looks like our kitchen. Glad to see it's not submerged in water.

    1. Our local town was flooded but we are okay, we live on a hill, Tony

  4. All I can say Tony is that the Washhouse must have been a right old mess before you started! Happy casting. Cheers. KEV.