Monday 30 November 2015

Back Of Beyond Game .

I've had these rules for ages and have never really got to grips with them . The are simple enough -using D6's for movement and shooting , units are activated by the turn of cards and the game is meant to be more fun than simulation.

Hugo tries to get in on the act .

The 'White' leader Count Yermony and his religious adviser .

The 'Red' Commander Colonel Smiroff and his commissar .

I decided to do a simple encounter battle to try the rules out .

White reinforcements move onto the table through rough terrain.

The Red force moves forward .

The Whites take the high ground first . I'll report back on how the battle goes and how the rules play. The figures are mostly 28mm Copplestone 


  1. Looks like an interesting battle coming up Tony....Copplestone 28s are very good. KEV.

    1. Yes I like them , sadly he doesn't add to his ranges very often .Tony