Friday 13 November 2015

Off To Reading !!!!

It's that time of year again when myself and 'A' make our annual trip to the Warfare show in Reading . A weekend of late nights , bad food and wargaming . We are each taking a couple of games to play in our Premier Inn over the weekend so I hope to be a bit more successful in recording the events this year after my camera packing in on the Saturday last year .

A quick photo of the Uhlans I'm in the progress of painting . The uniforms are a bit 'semi-historical' as I want them to be able to be used by both sides and are based on Saxon Uhlans . To make them a bit more irregular I've painted their horses different colours , I hopefully will get them finished next week .


  1. Enjoy your stay in Reading and the Gaming. KEV.

  2. Have a good time...I can't make it this year, fist time for a decade I've missed Warfare grrrrrrr.