Friday 19 December 2014

The Battle of Spurlash Downe .

As promised earlier I've finally got around to posting the Battle of Spurlash Downe , above is the Allied set up - a Regiment of foot, a Grenadier company , a Jaeger company , two guns and a Regiment of Horse. 

Another view of the deployment the C in C is the Duke of Cumberland ('Fatty' to his enemies ) , this is his first tabletop command .

The French deployment - a similar sized force to the Allies. 

Hodge poses for the camera - what is it with cats and wargaming tables !?

'Fatty' Cumberland issues his orders .

The Comte Du Fru-Fru orders the advance.

The French cavalry moves to cross the River Blast and are opposed by the British cavalry.

The French Foote try to cross the bridge and suffer heavy casualties from the Allied artillery.

The French cavalry prepare to charge across the river .

The cavalry melee in the river .

The Allied cavalry is driven back , in the background the French and Saxon Grenadiers have crossed the river further down and are coming under effective fire from the Allied Foote and Artillery.

The French Regt. Orleans suffer heavy losses as it tries to deploy over the bridge.

The British 18th Foote (Royal Irish) supported by artillery start to turn the battle in favour of the Allies.

The Schuamburg-Lippe-Buckeberg Artillery in action . At this point my camera broke down - D**m and B***t  ! , the French lost the game due to the heavy casualties in their infantry, the cavalry drove off the Allied cavalry but it was to late to influence the battle . I've taken my camera to be repaired and the man said 'Hmmm ! it will cost £25 to look at it and its an old model - would be cheaper to buy a new one !  '. I luckily managed to retrieve the photos (above) via my wife's camera , which she says I can borrow till Father Christmas brings me a new one. 


  1. Thank you for that enjoyable report and illustrations. I sympathise with the camera problems, as the man says, it is far cheaper to buy a new unit these days. Built in obsolesence. (?sp). I can still take pictures with mine, but have to swap the magic gizmo into another to download.

    1. Sadly I think electricals should last for ever ! , Tony

  2. What a great spectacle! Thanks for a great report. Hope you get the camera sorted soon.

    1. Given it to my nephew who is good with modern(ish) technology to try and fix , Tony

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hodge looks as though he approves heartily of all those beautiful shiny Prinz August figures. Wonderful!

    Best Regards,


  5. Lovely looking game (shame about the camera)

    1. Luckily has been fixed , thanks to my nephew !, Tony

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