Tuesday 9 December 2014

An Aside / Personality Figure.

First published 19/01/13

I should be reporting the third part of my 40mm SYW  game, but the weather has turned very cold and my wargaming room is NOT the warmest place in this type of weather . My wargaming colleague 'S' regularly dons several layers of extra clothing to game with me at this time of year. Fear not !, I will continue with the game shortly.  I found the above 40mm figure on EBay , manufacturer unknown . He is actually a Marlburian figure I think (?) but as there are not many 40mm figs about I bought him on a whim ! . He will be Uncle Toby an English Officer and Gentleman - okay several wars and decades out of period , but I don't care ! . Now I need a suitable figure for his servant Corporal Trim . I have tried to read 'Tristram Shandy' several times but failed (hangs head in shame)(where of course Uncle Toby appears) this may spur me on to try again !. P.S. just noticed this is my 200th post ! Huzza !

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