Monday 29 December 2014

Papal Zouaves.

We have been away for Christmas to my sister in laws but I have managed to get the next Papal unit finished off . It's the Franco-Belgian Tirailleurs , better know as the Papal Zouaves.

The figures of course are from the  Irregular range , you can't go wrong with a unit of Zouaves in your figure collection !. Although Garibaldi never fought the Papal forces in 1860 I'm looking forward to fighting some 'what if' scenarios when I get a few more units done .


  1. Lovely looking troops - generally Irregular miniatures are under represented on the web. They paint up very well - how do they compare in size with other manufacturers?

  2. They are true 25mm , match early Foundry and Hinchcliffe - smaller than most modern figures , Tony

  3. Fine looking troops...Irregular are rapidly becoming my favourite suppler.

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