Tuesday 9 December 2014

Holding The Village (Parte the Secunde)

First published 15/01/13

Col. Scheither orders his Carbineers to the left flank to protect the gun and crew .The gun fires - but misses ! , the Col. sends orders to "wait till they can see the whites of their eyes "! (historians have argued that this is the first usage of this phrase !?)

Luckily the Allies receive reinforcements on the second move in the form of 'Black' Prussian Hussars . Col. Scheither greets them with relief !.

The French Regt. Du Roi deploys into column of companies .

The Chasseurs 'crown the hights'

The Carbineers charge them taking 2 casualties but drive the Chasseurs off !.

The Regiment Du Roi advance but take casualties from the Jaegers hidden in the buildings . Too be continued .....

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