Wednesday 18 June 2014

H.G. Wells ant the Temple of Doome (part3)

The action continues with casualties mounting on both sides .

The Ferraro Rochain infantry press home their attack on the Treborian Dragoons holding the 'Olde Chapel'.

They charge home cheered on by the evil Captain Velkro and defeat the badly outnumbered Dragoons .

On the other flank the the Treborians charge the Ferraro Roccain dismounted Gendarmes, Captain Ritzla fires his pistol at the Treborian staff officer!.

And hits his target !

But to no avail ! - the Gendarmes are destroyed and Ritzla wounded. 

On the hill the victorious Velkro prepares to enter the Chapel to search for clues .

As he opens the door he is blinded by an unearthly light and is forced back outside (loose 1 move ).

On the left flank things are not going well for the Ferraro Roccains. The Artillery runs out of ammo and has to retire and the Duke of Slovenia's regiment flee due to heavy casualties.

A rumour of a Martian invasion  of Ferraro Rocha sweeps the field !

Velkro enters the Chapel and starts to search ( but fails to reach the required dice throw !).

The left flank is now clear and the Treborian infantry close in on the Ferraro Rochain infantry.

Unable to find any clues ( he continually failed the dice throws )Velkro is forced to flee the Chapel as the enemy close in .

The Ferraro Rochains fight their way out of the surrounding enemy and Velkro escapes with them ! - but he has failed his mission as he was unable to find any clues in the 'Olde Chapel' . H.G. Wells and his party finally arrived after the battle (they kept failing their arrival dice - maybe their Steam Coach broke down ?!) Too be continued .......


  1. Do like this 40mm Skirmish- Battle TONY...spotting a fair amount of IRREGULAR Figures too - well done! Will Join Your Site...perhaps there will be more from You on 40mm as 2015 Progresses?