Saturday 21 June 2014

First Contact in 40mm (Part 1)

Originally posted on 15/07/12

Think I have cast up and painted enough 40mm SYW  figures for a small skirmish. Farmer Jules complains that the French have sent out a foraging party and they are plundering his farm for livestock . The British commander Lt.Col. Philip Barker alerts his two company commanders Lt. Featherstone and Lt. Grant to prepare to intercept them .

The French move onto the table one company leading then a group of Hussars herding the stolen animals and a rearguard of another company.

The British move onto the board - their entry positions were randomly diced for -  they were lucky.

I am using Grant's rules from the 'The Wargame' with solo adaptions . The French leading company moves briskly up the road but the rear company is held up by the Hussars having trouble herding the cattle - diced each move for the movement of the herd .

The Hussars have problems moving the animals - holding up the rearguard.

Lt. Featherstone's grenadiers deploy into line - blocking the road , things are looking black for the French.

In desperation the rear company cross a field wall to try and get at the attacking British . To be continued

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