Wednesday 17 May 2023

Another holiday , another Hobby Shop! *

The authour poses with dog and booty outside the Portmadog model shop. Once I knew we where going to Wales on holiday a trip to the Mecca of modeling was inevitable . 

A well stocked shop ! although not as many plastic figures this time around , due to the war in the Ukraine the owner informed me , Zvezda figures are made in Russia and so not available now and Strelets and Red box are Ukrainian and are hard to get at the moment and sadly one of the figure designers has been killed in the fighting.

Lots of plastic kits as well - I bought several bits of scenery whilst I was there.

The center of the shop is dominated by a massive Rorke's Drift diorama in 28mm !

The proprietor did tell me how many figures there where in it and to my shame I've forgot what she said .

The shop is well worth a visit if your in the area , this being my third one I think over the years.     
*Rumors that I am orchestrating my holidays to locations of model shops are false and are entirely coincidental !



  1. It looks like a great shop Tony! That diorama is awesome!

    1. Yes one of my favorite shops which are few and far between.

  2. How many zulus in the display? Surely must be "tharsands of 'em" :-)

  3. That looks like it is as good a model shop to be found anywhere, really impressive stock, the diorama is cracking and a nice wee bonus!

  4. Good that you have found this Hobby shop Tony- great fun looking around new surroundings- and finding out the bargains. Regards. KEV.