Thursday, 21 October 2021

The fruits of the mold .

Well I finally got around to trying out the mold I vented , the first few where not a success !- with the rifle not casting properly - Hmm ! . However as the mold heated up after a few pourings I began to get some good castings .

The first six figures, even for a semi-flat figure they are VERY two dimensional . They are going to take some cleaning up but they look a rather nice figure , I think I will have to do some shading on them because of their flatness rather than the usual 'toy soldier' paint job . I will have to do another six to field a unit and I'm not at the moment sure why they should be involved in the Balkans - something to do with King Ludwig II or one of his relatives perhaps (?) 



  1. Another option might be to drill through the mould to provide a vent rather than cutting one; there look to be a couple of points on the rifle where this may work. It's what professional casters do - provide a extra escape route "out" from the figure instead of to the top or bottom.

    1. I hadn't thought of that , will give it a try next time I cast .

  2. They do look good Tony! I'm sure that they will be resplendent in their light blue uniforms! Good luck with the last six castings!