Saturday 3 August 2019

Mr and Mrs Walker get arrested .

Here are Mr and Mrs Reg Walker on holiday in Treboria walking the Treborian - Ferro Rocha Long Distance footpath , as promoted by the Treborian Tourist Board .

An attempt by Treboria to attract much needed foreign currency .

Unfortunately the tourist maps are not to accurate and they stray across the border with the Sublime Porte and are spotted by a patrol of Albanian Guardsmen . These are of course Irregular 40mm Turkish figures from their Balkans range . The Turkish uniform is mainly a dark blue but when I found these Albanian Imperial Guardsmen in their white full dress uniform I thought I must have these on the tabletop . 

The Guardsmen are suspicious , especially when they find out the couple are British (relations with the Sublime Porte and the U.K. being at a all time low due to the attitude of the British P.M. 'Boorish' Johnstone) . They are promptly arrested and taken to the nearest village - is this the makings of an International incident ? -  is a Gunboat to be sent ? , we await developments ……...


  1. I was under the impression the Boorish was a fine diplomat - mind you it was Boorish himself who said this so it probably wasn't true.

  2. The cads: this won't play well in the London Illustrated!

  3. A terrible affair... by jingo...

    Those Albanian Guardsmen look splendid...

    All the best. Aly

    1. Took slight liberties with their dress , but will look good on the tabletop .