Thursday 8 August 2019

H.G Wells to the rescue !

H.G. Wells Special Envoy to Treboria * is attending a Toy Soldier collectors convention with his good friend and fellow collector Inspector Zapp and his "travelling companion" Miss P. Perkins** , when they are interrupted by a messenger with a telegram from the British Government informing him of the arrest of the Walkers and could he facilitate their rescue ! .

He is struggling to finish of his book on war gaming - 'Tiny Conflicts' (working title) and is finding the constant interruptions tiresome .

A rather flustered Treborian diplomat explains that although an ally of Britain they cannot be seen to assist in any way which would upset the delicate diplomatic relationship with the Sublime Porte .

However H.G. has a cunning plan for a covert rescue mission ! - to be continued ……..
*curiously biographers of  H.G Wells either miss this episode of his life out completely or gloss over it in a sentence or so .
** Miss Perkins is also NOT mentioned in any biography (although the rumour of their 'relationship' persist !)


  1. Didn't he write a book called 'The History of Ms Perkins'? Maybe not then...
    Fun post!

    1. Think he did write something beginning with P …… ?

  2. Well, now, with HGW on the case, this could go almost anywhere (and any time)!

  3. Nice to see Wells and Zapp back in action.

  4. Good to see that H.G. is still around.