Friday 17 May 2019

40mm Imagination Posts From My Old Blog (Part6)

Well here's the last instalment of my saved postings from my old blog , for  continuities  sake they should be read from the bottom up .   13th August 2013

 Blasthof In  The Balkans  (Parte 2)


The Ferraro Roccain infantry retire from the bridge to reorganise and unfortunately a stray Treborian shell (matchstick) lands squarely amongst them causing heavy casualties !.

The elite Treborian Hussars of Excellence charge the Hariboan Lancers as they are reorganising and destroy them .

The F.R. infantry having crossed the river advance towards the bridge but come under heavy fire from the enemy artillery.

On the other flank the F.R.  Gendarmes charge the Treborian infantry and find out cavalry cannot charge troops armed with modern weaponry.

The positions of the armies towards the end of the game , the Treborians charge across the bridge to try and secure both ends to win the game .

The Ferraro Roccain Naval Brigade supported by the Gatling gun reek havoc in the Treborian infantry's ranks , but take casualties as well.

The Ferraro Roccain Reservists halt the Treborian advance with a steady volley .

With time running out both sides call a halt to the slaughter , the Ferraro Roccain's had suffered heavier losses but had denied the bridge to the enemy , so a draw was declared . A close run game which could have swung either way up to the very end . Once more Blasthof delivers !.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Blasthof In The Balkans (Parte 1)

Inspired by my recent game of Blasthof Bridge I decided to try the scenario out using 'Funny Little Wars' rules and my Imagination Balkan armies of Treboria and Ferraro Rocca . Above the Ferraro Roccain army deploys , the newly painted Naval Brigade in the foreground.(Ferraro Rocca is based on Roumania)

The Treborian army deploys . (Treboria is loosely based on Serbia)

The battlefield, Blasthof bridge of course in the centre of the table.

The wild Hariboan Lancers loyal allies to Ferraro Rocca prepare to cross the river.

King Paul II  commands the Ferraro Rocca army in person.

The Treborian army is commanded by General De Laye.

The action starts with the Treborian cavalry Brigade (lead by the Elite Hussars of Excellence) moving around the Blasthof Berg and the artillery moving up to take position on the hill.

The Hariboan Lancers cross the river as the F.R. artillery moves up to support them.

The F.R. Naval Brigade move forward with their Gatling gun .

Ferraro Roccain infantry prepare to cross the river to assist the cavalry.

The first rounds of artillery fire from the F.R. artillery overshoot badly and land near the Treborian H.Q. causing a casualty amongst the staff.

The opposing cavalry clash and the Treborian Hussars are driven off.

The Ferraro Roccain Gendarmes charge the Treborian infantry as the cross the river - but some appalling movement dice leaves them short of contact and they retire next move - a lucky call for Treboria !.

A lucky shot from the enemy artillery hits the F.R. battery and destroys the gun and crew and almost injures King Paul II .

The Ferraro Roccain infantry attack across the bridge but are repulsed with heavy losses.

The situation about half way through the battle , honours are about even and it remains in the balance to see who will win. Too be continued...

Friday, 2 August 2013

Hello Sailor !

My Imagination of Ferraro Rocca  has been a bit light on infantry units compared to their arch enemy Treboria or allies Fetaland , so I cast around for ideas and suitable figures to boost their numbers.

Having already done a Naval Gatling gun for Ferraro Rocca it seemed logical to expand this to a Naval landing force . The Ferraro Roccain navy is under a bit of a cloud at the moment as their only ship is under repair due to a miscalculation in navigation and so it has been decided to redeploy them in a land role.

The basic figure is a Irregular 42mm Sailor marching . I converted the bugler by adding an instrument and the Naval Pennant to the rifle of another figure .

Here we see them marching off to the front , to make them more fit for land service they were given gaiters and cartridge belts made from the canvas from old sails . They are seen on their way by a group of dignitaries - left to right- Lady Constance cousin to the King , Tad Portly 'The Times' correspondent and Archbishop Stefan .

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Feeling a bit better !

Whilst I was unwell I did some thinking about various wargaming problems (this in its self was a sign I was getting better). One of which was the ammo used in 'Funny Little Wars' - when played outside this is no problem but on the wargaming table the spring powered guns and matchsticks 'ping' ! all over the place !- this is even worse when no felt cloth is used . However the Treborian Ministry of War has come up with a solution - the 'Blu-Tack' sabot head ! , this weights the matchstick and initial tests suggest a vast improvement in accuracy especially at close ranges . Their opponents Ferraro Rocca have denounced these developments as unethical and have filed a complaint to the Geneva Convention about them (whilst hurriedly investigating the possibilities of upgrading their own ammo stocks !). The above photo leaked to the press shows Treborian gunners preparing the deadly missiles.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

40mm Imaginations 'Funny Little Wars' Playsheet.

Seeing that I have started to play the 'Funny Little Wars' rules again with the Treborian/Ferraro Roccaian  Imaginations , I thought I should get down on paper some of the amendments I have made to them to use on the tabletop . Originally these rules were designed to be played in the garden. There is nothing original in the alterations - I have added random movement and shortened the ranges for rifles , the rest is as the originals and for some reason my scanner has cut off the top of the page ?! (click on photo to enlarge) These excellent rules are available at

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ferraro Roccaian Naval Contingent.

Wargamers can be a bit like squirrels who hid nuts but can  only every find half of them again when they are hungry . I came across these figures and Gatling gun in the bottom of a box , They are Irregular 42mm and for the life in me I cannot remember buying them !?. So feeling guilty and somewhat worried about the onset of forgetful old age I painted them up and they are now part of a Ferraro Roccaian Naval Landing Party.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Battle of Pohranicnej Dediny ( The Finale )

The sixth move started with a chance card being drawn - which meant that most of the Ferraro Roccaian army did not move as rumours of a Palace Coup spread through the army.

On the F.R. right the combat continues with both sides suffering casualties .

The Treborian Dragoons mount to sweep the enemy infantry away - but a couple of shells hit them and they have to retreat.

The next move a chance card is drawn for the Treborians - the Hussars of Excellence get carried away and mount and try to charge the F.R. infantry.

However they are counter charged by the Hariboan Lancers and lose the melee disastrously ! , however the Lancers take casualties as well and retire off the table.

The stricken battery ! the Treborian Artillery gallantly fighting to the last.

However they succeed in driving the enemy off !.

By the last move (8) the Teborian  Reservists are driven out of the woods , but the F.R. artillery has run out of ammo and with casualties running high on both sides a draw was declared and the two enemies withdrew . A very bloody battle with the cavalry on both sides particularly suffering ! . A good game and it was nice to get the figures back onto the table again.


Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Battle of Pohranicnej Dediny.

The reporting of this battle between Treboria and Ferraro Rocca has been delayed because of my weeks holiday. Unfortunately I managed to delete the photos of the opening moves and must take up the story about move 4 . Above the effects of close range artillery fire on the advancing Ferraro Roccaian infantry .(am trying out cotton buds as ammo,  matchsticks fly all over the place if you do not have a cloth on the table top).

On the Treborian right flank the Hussars of Excellence dismount and give supporting fire to the infantry.

T he F.R. cavalry come under fire and the Haribo Lancers take hits .

The Ferraro Roccaian Reservists appear on the armies left flank.

The Treborian militia contest the woods around the ruined Temple of Diana , the battle hangs in the balance - Too be continued ..... 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Old Friends Revisited.

One of the advantages of having a blog is that you can use it as a sort of gaming diary , the other day I was flicking through my blogs and realised that it is over a year ago since I had a game using my 40mm Imagination figures using my adaption of Funny Little Wars rules. This got me thinking and I have decided to bring them out for a game.

After the break down of peace talks in Paris the conflicting nations of Treboria and Ferraro Rocca  are at war again and clash at the small border village of Pohranicnej Dediny . The Treborians are on the near side to the camera and the Roccains on the far side . I dice for unit starting positions  using the 'Featherstone' method (1-far left flank 2- left centre 3-centre 4- right centre 5- right flank 6 - reserve)

The 1st Battalion of the 20th regt. and the Hussars of Excellence on the Treborain right flank.

The Treborian High Command seek to espy the enemy .

The Ferraro Roccain army dice very oddly and mostly appeared on their right flank !.

King Paul II commands the Ferraro Rocca army in person ! . Off for a few day holiday but will continue with the battle report when I return.

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