Sunday 6 May 2018

A Rules Test .

So having re-commissioned my Tex-Mex collection I cast about for a set of rules , I bought these off EBay breaking a rule I have that rules MUST have a play sheet , 'Sharp Practise' don't because the author says you don't need one - I beg to differ and found a fan published one on a forum and printed then out. .

From this somewhat rocky start I set up a game and played a test game . It's not that the rules are complicated - the mechanisms in themselves are fairly simple based on D6's , it's just that there are quite a few rules and the complications start with the command and control . Cards are drawn to activate leaders of various qualities and these are enhanced by command cards . The turn can end at any turn of the cards when the 'Tiffin' card is drawn , this I find makes it easy for solo play .

The forces morale is tracked and drops as nasty things happen . These rules seemed to be very popular with people who like them and I can see where they are coming from , it's just getting used to the rules and their various quirks . 

The objective of the game was for the Mexicans to capture the gun from the Texan 'rebels' , this was based on a early skirmish when the Mexicans tried to reclaim a gun that had been given to the settlers to protect them from raiding Indians.

A closer look at the 'Gonzales Come And Take It Gun' (by Boot Hill Miniature) the figures are 'Old Glory' 28mm .

The games afoot ! The cabin has been set on fire by a random dice throw , the red markers are 'disruption points' (DP) , the cotton wool marks if units have reloaded or not . At first I was a little cool towards these rules as I don't like learning new systems - BUT I am coming around to them as they will handle I think the small skirmishes which made up the majority of actions in this war . With most wargaming rules you have to cause casualties and remove figures to win but with these the DP's start to make your forces unusable without loosing lots of figures which seems right with this conflict when casualties were not great (Alamo and Goliad excepted) . I'm going to set up another game and try again with a better grasp of the rules . I've also got most of the figure revamped which I'll illustrate next.


  1. Tony- your Collection of Old Glory 25s figures and the table set up look excellent- well done. Cheers. KEV.

    1. I bought them 'en masse' quite a while ago when 'Old Glory' did some very good deals on buying lots of bags of figures at once .