Sunday 27 May 2018

I Knew It Would Come In Handy Sometime.

I found this box on a skip at work about ten years ago and thought 'that could be useful' , so I brought it home and put it in the spare bedroom (the depository for all useful things) and there it sat . It has been threatened with the dustbin several times but I've managed to save it . It originally housed teabags I think and had the faint smell of tea . For 'Sharp Practise' you need markers for disruption points which when accumulated prevents the units from functioning properly , I got some off EBay which are marked 1-10 and I have them in blue and red . However finding the relevant ones where a problem - then I remembered my 'useful box' - there are segments so that they can be sorted from 1 to 10 , a space for other markers and the cards fit in the last one ! - I KNEW it would come in handy ! (still probs with the Internet, an engineer has been dispatched and arrives on Tuesday - we await with anticipation !)


  1. A good snag! Always good to reuse something like this than spend good money on something!

    1. Has taken ten years but has come good in the end .

  2. Excellent! Always nice when the usefulness radar proves true!

  3. Ah- the very versatile Tea Bag Box...just goes to show that there is a good use for things that otherwise would have been turfed out years ago. I've a good little stash of cardboard salvaged from Biscuit Packets and Tissue Boxes etc- extremely useful in making 18mm Buildings. Cheers. KEV.