Friday 29 December 2017

First Game Of The New Year . (Parte One)

This coming year I'm going to try to play more games with the various armies I've got painted/finished in 2017 . The first will be a TYW game using my plastic 1/72nd figures , the rules will be 'Pike & Shotte' . An apology for the poor picture quality , the overhead bulb has packed in and it's replacement is one of these energy saving eco-bulbs and is s***e !  , I've photo shopped the photos to help with the visibility - but with mixed results ! . The scenario is that the Protestant force is to hold the ford to allow it's baggage train to escape , the Imperialist's are coming on the other table edge attacking in two forces divided by the stream and marshy ground .

The newly finished Protestant  'White' Regiment  - so they should fight well in their first battle (sic).

The 'Red Regiment - with a piece of polystyrene in shot - damn ! 

The first Catholic Tercio moves onto the table , in the distance the other force moves down the road to attack the ford from the other flank . 

That route is being held by the Protestant 'Blue' Regiment . So my New Year resolution are - NO new periods - finish off my existing projects and play games with the figures I already have - noble sentiments - I hope I can carry them out ! .