Saturday 30 September 2017

A Thinga-Mayjig .

I'm playing a linked campaign using 'Test Of Honour' Samurai rules and several of the scenarios need the turns counting , now I normally put a dice on the table top to remind me of the turn number - BUT I always seem to either mislay or end up using the dice for rolling and so loose count ! . So I hit upon this idea pinched from a Board Gaming site and made a dice holder . I printed off a suitable Samurai image from Google and stuck it to a piece of fine Oriental wood - well MDF actually , I then glued four small pieces of MDF onto it to hold the dice and gave the whole thing a couple of coats of gloss varnish .

Here we see it in action !


  1. Good idea. I've tried various things but just too absent minded. Now I track turns by counting out cards equal to the max number of turns and turning one over each turn.

  2. I will have to try that idea , I have a weakness for gadgets in wargaming

  3. Good wheeze - at the very least the square marker will remind you to put back the turn-counting die when you've pinched it to settle a combat or something! :-)

    I have a giant die we bought in an arty-farty craft shop years ago - it's hand carved, and about 3 inches across, so it's easy to spot that it's not one of the main dice pool. I use it for things like the "day's digging standard" in my siege games.

    My history of building special devices for wargames is not good - years ago, I built a Lionel Tarr periscope (apart from Lionel Tarr, I may be the only person who did?), and my cousin sat on it first time out. I also built beautiful casualty dials, but after they were varnished they wouldn't turn. Good, though.

    1. I do like gadgets , though they don't always work , bought a Lionel Tarr type periscope from a chap selling them at the Reading show a couple of years ago and do occasionally use it . Yes I had a 'Big' dice but have mislaid it .