Sunday 20 August 2017

The Situation At The End Of Day 3.

Here we have the situation at the end of Day 3 , in the North the French Cavalry Brigade has retired back down the road and the Prussians hold what remains of Neuchatel . In the South the Prussians have achieved one of their objectives by blowing up the bridge , but have lost their Dragoon regiment as a fighting force . The French are dealing with the aftermath of the battle and the serious casualties caused to the Chasseurs a Pied which are probably out of the campaign now . Both of my player Generals have gone on holiday and so there will be a pause before the next moves . Too be continued ...........


  1. Now the trick will be to see if you can keep the momentum going.

    1. I know , this point is the 'Elephants Graveyard' of wargaming campaigns !