Saturday 26 August 2017

Austrian General And Artillery .

As both my wargaming colleagues who are the Generals in my campaign are still on their hols I'm still busy painting up the Austrian army to fight my Sardinians . I thought it time that I did a General for the first Brigade and here he is in undress uniform , I'm not sure if I've got the right shade of blue/grey for his tunic as the various colour prints I looked at seemed to vary greatly . The figure is of course by Irregular.

You have to love an army that paints their guns yellow ! - well maybe it' a bit to bright ? - but I tend to go for the bright option ! .

Just got my copy of this , not sure how useful it will be as it covers 22 years , quite a long time with several uniform changes and different wars - a thin book to cover a big subject ? - we will see ?. However it is nice to see Osprey starting to do a series on a era that is not covered well in English. 


  1. Fine looking gun and crew! I have the Osprey on order too with an expected delivery date of TODAY. We will see how much this book adds to my body of uniformology for this period.

  2. Nice to see a new book out on the subject

    1. A quick read finds it does not contribute much to the body of existing work regarding uniforms. Quite disappointing.

    2. Yes I'm not impressed full of dress uniforms , a shame as it is a missed opportunity

  3. Yellow certainly is a great colour for guns - very smart!