Monday 28 August 2017

New Hens .

Unfortunately I've had a couple of deaths in our flock of late , old age being the cause I think (they were a couple I was given so not sure of their age) . I have got four from a local free range business , two of which are seen here being feed from my hand .

And she is quite capable of helping herself to sunflower seeds when my back is turned ! .

When birds are moved they often stop laying but these have started again after a few days , different coloured and sized eggs which reflect the various hens/bantams types I have .

Part of the flock overseen by the cockerel , another inherited bird , he doesn't like me at all ! and we have had confrontations ! . 


  1. Good new arrivals..... that cockerel looks the vindictive sort..I should watch out.

    1. I have a stick handy when I go in to the run , no tears will be shed on his demise !