Wednesday 5 July 2017

Border Clash ( Parte The Seconde ) .

The Saxon Garde form a column of companies as they prepare to cross the stream and capture the windmill .

The Uhlans deploy to capture the bridge .

'Jung Fritz' orders the Brunswickers to seize the windmill .

The first company of the Garde crosses the stream and opens fire on the Prussian Hussars .

Scheither's Carabiniers charge across the bridge into the Uhlans .

They drive the Uhlans back ! .

An overview of the battlefield , towards the top of the table the Brunswickers move up as the Saxons move another company across the stream to reinforce the company on the hill . The Saxon Hussars move to reinforce the Uhlans .

The lines exchange volleys - with the Saxons coming off worst .

The Hussars reinforce the melee .

Against the odds the Carabiniers drive back the combined Saxon cavalry ! .

The result is a draw and as it is the third round of the melee both sides have to retire .

The Brunswickers advance.,  get the drop on the Saxons and shoot first - causing heavy casualties , the Saxons fail the their morale test and flee ! ,. The Allies have captured the windmill ! .

The cavalry fall back to reform , but the Prussian Hussars arrive and take the bridge which was the second objective . The Saxon General decides it is time to retire as most of his army is disordered or fleeing . A convincing victory for the Allies . Using the larger ground/movement scale worked very well and sped the game along greatly , which I find is a great advantage when you are playing solo .


  1. An inspiring encounter! Love the figures too. Beautifully painted.

    Best Regards,


  2. You may have a point about the large movement rates. It's important that things happen in a game and I suppose if they must happen, better they happen quickly than slowly.

    1. Yes I find that to maintain the momentum in a solo game is important and the larger movement rates get things happening

  3. Nice game, lovely 40mm troops

    1. Yes now I'm happier with the new movement scale I think they will be getting used more .

  4. Extra Brandy for the Carabiniers! Always a pleasure to see these lads out.

  5. I found it interesting how your notes only focus on website..