Wednesday 14 June 2017

Border Clash ( Part 2 )

First an apology for the lack of photos for the second part of the battle , I got so engrossed in the action I forgot to take pictures. Treborian General D' Laye command ability is affected by the appearance of an enemy femme fatale .

The Treborian 'Hussars of Excellence' rout the Fetaland 'Green' Hussars and capture the bridge . The Fetaland Artillery drew a Chance Card - 'defective ammo' - Oh dear ! .

On the right flank the Treborian Reservists break after suffering heavy casualties and fail to rally .

However on the other flank the British Legione safe behind the cover of a wall slaughter the advancing Fetaland infantry . This about ended  the battle in favour of the Treborian force and without the support of their artillery they were forced to retire leaving the bridge in Treborian hands . It has been a while since I got these figures on the table and I had forgot how much fun they are , it was interesting using the Chance Cards  which added a new dimension to the battle.


  1. Well, it has a good look so if it was fun, what more can one ask?

  2. Replies
    1. A quick enjoyable game , just what the doctor ordered !

  3. I think Chance Cards add a great deal to a solo game. Good to see.

    1. Yes they lead you down routes you wouldn't think off

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    1. Yes you don't need a lot of figures or units to have a good game .

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