Monday 12 June 2017

Border Clash (part 1)

I have decided to set up a game using my 40mm Balkanish Imagination collection. Here we see the border of Trebonia and Fetaland which is marked by the Bug River , negotiations have broke down between the two countries over the issue of a 'hard' or 'soft' border and so both sides have dispatched local forces to capture the vital bridge over the river.

A rustic shepherd views the Fetaland forces in the distance .

The Fetaland General Stavros takes up position to direct his forces , his staff wear traditional Feta costumes .

The Treborian General D'Laye takes cover behind a stout stone wall .

The Treborian 'Hussars of Excellence' move up swiftly towards the bridge.

The Fetaland infantry move forward in open order , the are the 1st Batt. of the 4th Infantry Regt. Fetaland has a small but well trained army in the French model.

On the first move Treboria draws a chance card which may prove useful on future moves.

Treborian infantry move onto the table , here we see the 'British Legione' in their anachronistic uniforms*.

The Feta artillery arrives , French '75s' .

The Treborian reservists move up past the Temple of Diana, on their left the 'Alicia' Dragoons dismount and move up in open order.

The 4th Fetaland infantry open fire causing casualties on the advancing Reservists .

The 'Hussars of Excellence' dash for the bridge but the Fetaland 'Green' Hussars also are moving up to take possession of it . Part 2 to follow .......
*The Treborian Government did a arms deal with the British for what they thought was state of the art uniforms and equipment but instead received surplus Crimean War uniforms , to save face the Treborians raised the 'British Legione' ,  it was to be recruited from ex British servicemen but in fact it ended up with a mish mash of undesirables . The Treborian Minister of War disappeared with a large sum of money shortly after this disaster .