Wednesday 15 July 2015

Lion Rampant Scenario 'A Taxing Afternoon'.

This is the second of the 3 scenarios I'm playing using 'Lion Rampant' both sides have to collect revenue from six markers which have a random value . Richard De Montfitchet's retinue have set up nearest the camera and has swapped one of his units of mounted Sejeants for mounted Men at Arms and a unit of crossbowmen for a unit of Bidowers . He has boasted to destroy the opposing unit of Men at Arms .

Ivo Tailebois's force has 2 units of foot Serjeants , a unit of bowmen , mounted Serjeants , a unit of Bidowers and mounted Men at Arms , again he has not made any boasts .Both sides move forward to dominate the centre of the table .

One of the 'Taxation' markers .

One of  Richard De Montfitchet's mounted Serjeants get to the first marker and manage to leave the table with the token.

Ivo Tailebois's Bidowers sneak up one the other flank near the hermitage.

Brother Cadfael who hoping for a quieter life is robbed (taxed)!.

The mounted forces in the centre charge and counter charge .

After initially driving De Montfitchet's Men at Arms back they rally and manage to defeat Ivo Tailebois's unit and kill him - so fulfilling his boast !.

The situation half way through the game .

Ivo Tailebois's archers drive off the Bidowers and capture the token , then retire of the table. 

At this point sadly I forgot to take photos as the action heated up , here we see Ivo Tailebois's units of foot Serjeants with their captured tokens retiring from the table . Although they lost their Lord - Ivo Tailebois's retinue carried off four tokens totalling 8 'Glory' points and  Richard De Montfitchet's retinue took two , totalling 3 'Glory' points - but he fulfilled his boast getting another 2 points . After two games Ivo Tailebois's  retinue = 8 'Glory' points and Richard De Montfitchet's retinue has = 11 'Glory' points . This leaves one more game to be played .