Tuesday 7 July 2015

Lion Rampant Scenario 'The Messenger'

Ivo Tailebois's force moves onto the table heading for the opposite corner .

Brother Cadfael has decided to be escorted by a unit of Foot Serjeants - being less volatile that the Mounted Men at Arms  .

The locals look on with interest !.

Richard De Montfitchet's retinue moves to intercept the messenger.

The quick moving Mounted Serjeants try to cut the escape route .

Ivo's force moves down the road -

-but a unit of Men at Arms lag behind - they are hard to control under 'Lion Rampant'.

Ivo's Men at Arms impulsively charge a unit of Serjeants .

After a close combat they rout them ! .

To fulfil his boast Richard De Montfitchet challenges Ivo Tailebois to combat - which was inconclusive - but having carried out his boast he gets a 'Glory' point.

The javelin armed Yeomen move to stop a unit of Serjeants .

After a brief clash and a volley of javelins  the Serjeants rout ! 

Ivo and his Men at Arms spontaneously charge Richard De Montfitchet and his Serjeants .

Things go very wrong for Ivo and his men rout and he is forced to flee the field ! .

The situation is looking grim for the messenger and his escort , the archers guarding the rear are charged and finally scattered by a flanking force of mounted Serjeants . The other unit of Men at Arms finally move up in support , but it's to late .

Richard De Montfitchet's Geonese crossbowmen move up into range and proceed to kill off the mounted Men at Arms - who failing their morale test - flee ! - leaving  Brother Cadfael and his escort alone .

Taking casualties from the crossbowmen and failing their moral test they scatter into the woods taking the terrified Brother Cadfael with them ! . So a victory to Richard De Montfitchet and his forces, he gets 5 'Glory' points for winning the scenario and another one for carrying out his boast . Total so far Richard De Montfitchet = 6 - Ivo Tailebois =0. The next scenario is to be 'A Taxing Afternoon'.


  1. What a fun game. Looking forward to seeing more adventures of Brother Cadfael.

  2. I like the way it breaks down into several small manageable actions, I plan to play it in 54mm and it looks like it will work well in this size. In the last picture is that blue shield on it's own base some sort of marker? I watch and learn!

  3. Would work well in 54mm (Britians Deetail figs?) - the sheild is a marker for a "battered" unit, Tony