Wednesday 29 July 2015

1st Belooch Battalion, Bombay N. I. and Rowbottom's Mosstroopers.

When I started re-basing my Indian Mutiny collection I came across some packets of figures I'd never got around to painting . I believe the figures were bought when Foundry used to do deals - so that shows how long I've had them !.

It's nice to be able to pick a brightly coloured unit to paint and these are the 1st Belooch N.I.who remained loyal to the British .

Early in the Mutiny the British forces lacked cavalry and solved this problem by using civilian volunteers and the displaced officers from the mutineering Indian regiments.

Here are a selection of Foundry mounted officers representing 'Rowbottom's Mosstroopers' as featured in George McDonald Fraser's - 'Flashman in the Great Game' , which I am rereading at the moment . I was shocked to find it was first printed in 1975 ! - that's 40 years ago ! but still a brilliant read !.


  1. I like your results! I have been dabbling in painting a few of Foundry's figures from the IM and SK Wars range too.

    1. Classic figures that have stood the test of time . Tony