Friday 10 April 2015

Resurrection .

I'm in the process of 'saving' some of the posts from my now defunct blog - which 'Blogger' manage to kill off . I've managed to save and publish my posts of my SYW-ish project and my Old School Franco-Prussian War collection will be next ( I hope ). One of the main reasons is that I do look at old posts for organisational and painting references - when I can't remember why I did certain things in certain ways. So hopefully I can publish them (fingers crossed).


  1. I enjoyed seeing the project and the games again.

  2. This is probably my favourite of your work and I would have hated to lose it forever.

  3. I really enjoyed the Franco-Prussian outing. Keep up the good work. Another project planned and executed with lightning speed.

    Could you drop me a line when you have a chance?