Wednesday 7 January 2015

The Curse of Re-Basing.

There is one subject that will make the average gamer blanch and reach for a stiff drink and that's the subject of re-basing figures , I hate doing it ! - but it can rejuvenate a collection of figures and get them used again . My wargaming friend 'A' loves it ! he has re-based  collections of 100's of figures and swears bye it .(whole forests have been felled to feed his need for MDF bases). Many years ago when Foundry sold their figures singularly and I visited many wargaming shows (helping 'S' with his S&A Scenics stand) I bought a few Indian Mutiny figures off  Dave Thomas each time I saw him (when he carried them at shows) and slowly built up a large collection of them .

I also bought cheaply the odd unit of painted figures off the Bring and Buy . The collection had no uniformed size of basing apart from all being based singularly . This reflected the various rules I had been using , the were housed in a collection of tool boxes which ended up in the darkest recesses under my gaming table .  Because they were not readily available they didn't get used and only resurfaced recently when I was de-cluttering . I transferred them to box files and considered what to do with them .

I've always been interested in the Indian Mutiny and rather than sell them off I decided that I would use them with the 'Black Powder' rule set which I've been using with my 'Garibaldi' project. However this meant the dreaded re-basing ! , my New Years resolution was to use my existing figure collections rather than start new ones - soooo the bases have been ordered and when they arrive the work of basing will start .  Watch this space ............


  1. Good luck....I stand my rebasees overnight in a tray of water a few mm deep , which softens the basing material if card or wood and makes it easier to pull off.

    1. Good idea ! - unfortunately some of mine have been based on pennies ! , Tony

    2. Oh well, at least the financial recompense will make it all worthwhile.

  2. I also dislike re-basing . . . but I very much enjoy it when all of the figures are finally based alike . . . it makes the collection look sharp!

    So I wish you a very worthwhile result.

    -- Jeff