Friday 9 January 2015

First Fruits of Re-Basing.

Well I've got the first two units re based of my Indian Mutiny collection. A large order of bases has arrived from 'Warbases' so I can crack on getting them done . Decided on 40mm square bases each with 3 or 4 figures to them and 5 bases to the 'standard' unit in 'Black Powder' , cavalry will be 2 to a base and 3 bases to make them 'small' units . Above are the 42nd Foot 'Royal Highland Regt.'

These are my first unit of mutineers the 10th Bengal Native Regt. These are in full dress as they appeared earlier on in the revolt , later they adopted the white undress uniform and stopped carrying their colours .  I decided to use 'Polyfilla' to cover the bases and then paint it a sand colour and add flock as this will work out cheaper than 'Bastex' . The figures are 28mm Foundry from their Indian Mutiny and Sikh Wars ranges. I've decided to glue them all onto bases first so I can start playing with them which will encourage me to continue with this mammoth task .


  1. Looking good, sir. I await more photos as you progress.

    -- Jeff

  2. Coming up nicely....good work so far.